Vibration Sensor

EDS0070 Vibration sensor

  • The EDS vibration sensor measures vibration on a 0-1023 scale.
    • vib_level -- current level
    • vib_peak -- recent peak level
    • vib_max and vib_min largest and smallest vibration level since power-up.
  • Like the other EDS environmental sensors the level can trigger
    • alarms
    • relay (optional component)


Here is an example of the sensor in use:

the sensor was briefly shaken at 10 seconds and more vigorously at 37 seconds then slowly moved at 65 seconds.

the data collection script is:

x="/opt/owfs/bin/owread /uncached/7E.922300001000/EDS0070";
while : ;
do z=`date +%s`;
for y in vib_level vib_peak vib_min vib_max;
do z=$z,`$x/$y` ;
done ;
echo $z >> ~/vib.cvs ; sleep 1 ;

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