Building under Ubuntu

  • Install cvs
    sudo apt-get install cvs
  • Download source into a directory in your home directory
    cd ~
    cvs -z3 co owfs

    just hit "enter" if you are asked for a password
  •  Add the build tools
    sudo apt-get install autoconf libtool libusb-dev libfuse-dev
  • Optionally add the language binding libraries
    sudo apt-get install swig tcl-dev php5-dev python-dev php5-dev php-config
  • Build (and install) everything
    cd owfs
    autoreconf -i
    make -j4
    sudo make install
  • Optionally place links to programs in standard program directory (much more convenient)
    CAUTION: this will replace the programs from the standard repository
    for p in owfs owserver owhttpd owftpd owread owwrite owdir ; do sudo ln -sf /opt/owfs/bin/$p /usr/bin/$p ; done

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