How can I use the code?


This is the main body of code, and includes most of the function of OWFS.

All programs that directly link libow will have to be compatible with it's license: GPLv2  

The license for OWFS is dictated by the provenance of the code:

Maxim's Public Domain Kit (public domain)
Brian Lane's Digitemp (GPL)
TAI8570 code (non-free, but GPL allowed for us)
Bonjour (BSD)

It is the opinion of the priciple author that code code best falls under the GPL v2 license.

When GPL v3 is ratified, we probably will dual license under that version as well.

owfs, owhttpd, owserver, owftpd

Quick answer: GPL, since libow is linked in.

In addition, some modules are based on older projects:

owhttpd: chttp (GPL)
owftpd: oftp (GPL)
owfs: fusexmp (GPL)

owperl, owpython, owphp, owtcl, libowcapi

Quick answer: GPLv2 since libow is linked in.


MIT license (essentially free for use, with acknowlegement encouraged).

ownet langauge modules

There is no required licence, since libow is NOT linked, and the network owserver protocol is in the public domain. Individual components will have the license given by their author: -- Perl license --
ownet.php --
ownet.vb -- GPLv2 (Roberto Spadim) --
ownet.ruby --

Paul Alfille

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