Aquarium Automation

Rob Conway has a fully automated aquarium monitoring site:

My Data

12 analog signals from 3 off DS2450 (quad A/D)..  This gets sampled every 90 seconds and averaged with the last three readings.  The 2450 is only 8 bits and I need to average 4 samples to get repeatable readings  .

4 counter inputs from DS2423 (dual channel counters)  This data get read every 5 minutes…No need to average

Digital I/O from 8 off DS2405/06 gets read every 2 seconds. (1 second would be great)

Full writup!


I use a Ubuntu server and use owread and owwrite, I do not use FUSE.  I understand FUSE could possibly assist however as I need to average and provide calculations on the data to get it to engineering units,  I cannot use FUSE directly.  The digital inputs are from push buttons and level switches so I need to read uncached data.  I use rrdtools to collect the data.