OWMON bus list

Suppose we have a slightly more complicated setup. Two owservers, each with an adapter and one linking to the other:

owserver -s -p 4304
owserver -d /dev/ttyS0 -s 4304 -p 4000
owmon -s 4000

So owmon is monitoring the second owserver (@ port 4000) . In turn, that owserver links to a serial adapter and the first owserver (@ port 4304).

 OWMON bus list

Look at the bus list:

 BUSDescription system/statistics  interface
<root> owserver @ port 4000 owserver:4000  none
 /bus.0serial adapter in owserver:4000
 none serial (ttyS0) 
 /bus.1tcp connction to owserver @ port 4304
 tcp to 4304
 /bus.1/bus.0USB adapter on owserver:4304
 none USB 


In this case, we've chosen bus.1, which corresponds to the tcp connection to the owserver at port 4304. 

Note: The ordering of the bus numbers is relatively arbitrary (is depends on the order of the command line). 

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