usb USB9097

So called USB9097 is a bus-master with a USB-serial adapter and a DS2480B based bus-master.

Made by RDing Tech (China), the bus master and associated devices use a different wiring system: 3-wire "stereo" plugs.
Stereo plug

The USB9097 is fully supported by OWFS as a DS9097U-type serial bus master, with a USB serial port.

Note: The company's web descriptions are not only badly phrased, they are misleading. (see below)

Ubuntu 10.10 responds to plugging in the adapter with the following entry in 'dmesg'
usb 3-2.4: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 5
ch341 3-2.4:1.0: ch341-uart converter detected
usb 3-2.4: ch341-uart converter now attached to ttyUSB4
The USB9097 should be treated as a standard serial device (like the DS9097U).

For instance the adapter shown above was recognised as a ch341 usb-serial adapter, located on ttyUSB4 in this case. We would start owhttpd as follows:

/opt/owfs/bin/owhttpd --debug -d /dev/ttyUSB4 -p 4444
If the USB-> serial converter is not recognised (older kernels), there is a GPL kernel module and some installation instructions available from the manufacturor. USBDriver for Linux download
also cached on this website.

Corrections to the product description

 (from PCsensor page).

Description :

USB9097 is Rding Tech's 1 wire adapter. It fully can replace DS9097,
DS9490 of MAXIM ( )

The main differences of them is:

(1) USB9097 connects to computer through USB port; DS9490 connects to
computer through serial port.

(2) USB9097 connects to sensors through 3.5 mm Audio cables; it can build
hundreds of miniLAN network. Very suit for Non-professionals DIY.

At present, more and more Maxim’s 1wire of products have already appeared
in our life. You can connect 1 wire into your computer through it and easy
to get the data from the computer .such as: get temperature of DS18b20 or
datas of ibutton products.

Adopt DS2480B+USB2UART IC, more detailed product performance; please refer
to MAXIM DS2480B datasheet.


  • Dallas has the DS9097U which is a serial adapter with an internal hardware-assist DS2480B chip and is functionally similar to the USB9097 except the USB9097 has a USB-serial front end.
  • The DS9097 or DS9097E (Note no 'U' at the end) is a serial "passive" chip -- much simpler and slower. It requires the computer's serial interface to simulate 1-wire communications. Although the USB9097 sounds like a DS9097, it is more accurately a USB9097U
  • The DS9490 is a native USB device. The DS9490 is NOT serial. It is based on the DS2490 hardware and is faster than either Maxim's DS9097U or the USB9097.

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