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 Ron Conway's proposed OWFS logo Rob Conway: My suggestion (am not that good with graphics as you can see) OWFS being in block letters then show two lines cutting across the OWFS letters in a wave pattern. The two lines depicting communication with the wave pattern depicting data transfer....
 David Lissuik first suggestion David Lissuik: I really like the idea of creating a mark for OWFS, etc. I had been thinking along similar lines for marking 1WRJ45 for manufacturing purposes and think its an excellent idea. My idea is to keep it fairly simple, and since no graphic leaps out at me to use plain text. Ideally besides being good visibility for packages it could also be used as PCB markers
 David Lissuik's second design David Lissuik: A slightly better arrangement maybe, with the arrow behind the text, would not work for PCB as well though. Other than that I like the design best.. Think it pops fairly well.
 George Bobeck's proposal  George Bobeck: Anyways, I have attached a logo idea.  The image is based off of a project logo I use for my class project (project hosted at , see the logo image at ).

The image feature "OWFS" in big blue letters with a smaller "One Wire File System" in black below. It has a plain white background.  The image *should* scale well if resizing is necessary.

I have a second version of this image which features a grey cloudy background.

Roberto Spadim's proposal


Roberto Spadim:i was thinking about OWFS name
OWFS isn't owserver :/
all OW software could be called OW Suite or something else

OWServer couldn't be server,
   i think that server is a machine,
   owd could be more *nix like,
   for windows users something like owservice could be better understood

OWNet is an good name i really like the idea of network and ow,
OWLibc could be the c library
OWMod or OWExt, could be library for each language with all features
OWHTTPd is an good name for http implementation
OWFTPd is another good name

every thing could be OWSuite, i'm making some logos check the animated gif



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