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OWTAP is a simple graphical program that allows real-time inspection of the flow of information to and from owserver. 

Before owtap, clients connect directly to owserver (or to adapters directly, or to other owservers). 

before owtap







After owtap, clients connect to owserver via owtap, and the information is forewarded transparently both ways.

owtap in use

The information is also displayed for analysis.

Starting it up

  •  Easy, just needs working Tcl/Tk
    • A free programming language available for many platforms.
    • No compliling
    • No libraries or dependencies
  • Only 2 command line parameters
    • -p port
      port number for clients to connect to owtap
      (default an "ephemeral" port number that can be seen in the window title)
    • -s port
      port number of the existing owserver
      (default is 4304 -- the "well known" owserver port)

What does it look like?

owtap main page

More information


  • Tcl/TK toolkit makes both the networking and graphics easy.
  • FreeWrap for the packaging
  • IcoFX is free, but not open source. For the icons.

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