OWTAP detail windows

Suppose we want to show more information about some transactions. Choose a few from the main window:

Select transactions

This will show "Transaction details" for #1 (a DIR) and #4 and #9 (READS).

We can also display a list of the open detail windows for easier management by selecting from the menu:

Detail list from menu

And displayed will be:

Detail windows

Quite  lot of data!

  • Detail window list shows the currently displayed transaction detail windows (1,4 and 9). You can select and delete them from this window. It is updated in real time.
  • Transaction 1 is a DIR message, with one packet to owserver, and a separate packet for each directory element back (plus an empty one to show the end). Clearly DIRALL would be more efficient.
  • Transactions 4 and 9 show data reads. 

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