Foxboard G20


Csaba Vaczo has managed to get OWFS to run on the newer Foxboard G20

After spending some more time on the foxboard G20 (and doing the owfs install more intelligently), it turned out that setting up  OWFS on the foxG20 is quite simple. I have attached a little writeup on the procedure. So far I am quite satisfied with the setup, (the foxboard pulling only 60 mA on 5 V ! I am using an old 7805 stepping the input voltage down from 9 V to 5 V and the converter does not get warm to the touch). It does take some time to get OWFS up and running however, about a good 30 minutes from start to finish, but once it's done it's all good. So far I have tried accessing my 1-wire network locally only (catting the sensors, and logging the data with a simple perl script), so I don't have any information on the web access (owserver or owhttpd).

OWFS on a Foxboard G20 as of Saturday, March 20 2010, by Csaba Vaczo


By the default Debian install fuse is all set up (version 2.7.4) and ready to go.

Setting up OWFS:

1, Make sure your Debian system is up to date:

apt-get update

2, Set up the development environment and get the neccessary packages:

apt-get install g++ make python python-dev ssh autoconf swig libtool libusb-dev fuse-utils libfuse-dev tcl8.4-dev php5-dev

3, Get and install OWFS package:

wget (latest version as of Saturday, March 20 2010)
tar -zxvf owfs-2.7p32.tar.gz
cd owfs-2.7p32
make install

4, You are done. To test the system please:

mkdir /mnt/1-wire
cd /opt/owfs/bin
./owfs --allow_other -u /mnt/1-wire
ls /mnt/1-wire

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