8 Channel I/O



Hobby Boards 8 channel I/O

This board from Hobby Boards comes in 2 flavours: one with 4 relays and one with 8 relays. In both cases the boards have 8 inputs and dip switches decide whether the input or setting the IO bit in owfs will flip the relay.

A few things to note:

  • setting all relays to on will use around 300mA and may make the transistor radiator warm or hot
  • bits in owfs are reversed. You echo 1 to PIO.x to turn that relay on, but when you read back sensed.x, off is 1 and on is 0
  • board can take 12V power from its cat-5 plug (works out of the box if you use hobby-board hub), or it has an input for 12V power supply.

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