Setting up OWFS on the NSLU2 (by BERND CETTL) 


As I promised, I copy you the 2 documents, one is how to setup the NSLU for 1-wire (to unsling and these things), the second is how to install owfs to the NSLU.

As I wrote, for a newbie, it's extremely difficult to find out that you have to insert in some file (namely in the file "/etc/resolv.conf") the DNS of your internet provider and to insert it in the correct way. This is written nowhere & maybe for a professional as you are no problem, but for me, it is! Only then this "wget" command is working. E.g.. I don't need any hardware pin-out of a 1-wire device described on the sourceforge NSLU 1W homepage, 'cause all I have to do is do download the datasheet & it's good documented. But these things (also e.g. that you have to execute the command 'ipkg install perl' is written nowhere), I need to find on the sourceforge NSLU 1W homepage. You know now, what I mean?
So, now here are the 2 docs, I've written for me (if I ever have to do this again), and they are in German:

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