DS2409 microhub

DS2409 Microhub


  • Two addressable branches: main and aux
  • Supported in OWFS

    • Unlimited branching (but there may be electrical problems with cumulative resistance).
    • OwfsAlgorithm
  • Commercial devices based on Simon Atkin's design

  • Excellent analysis and sample dephi program from T.K. Boyd.

    • Kits and Completed projects
    • Full example of use



Unfortunately, the DS2409 is "Not Recommended for new designs" and is apparently being phased out.

The branching within OWFS directories is unique, but creates some difficulties -- selecting and searching subbranches requires extra addressing information for every step. Also, it's harder to find devices.

For just the electrical reliability of multiple 1-wire lines consider:

  • LINK-HUB (IButtonLink)
  • HA7Net (EDS)
  • 4 Channel Hub (Hobby Boards)


To have control over the individual branches:

  • 4 Channel Hub

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