Command line: help=device

Many of the OWFS programs have internal help pages. 

$ /opt/owfs/bin/owserver --help=device
1-WIRE access programs by Paul H Alfille and others.

Device Help
More than one device (1-wire bus master) can be specified. All will be used.

Serial devices (dev is port name, e.g. /dev/ttyS0)
-d dev DS9097U or DS9097 adapter (or LINK in emulation mode)
--LINK dev Serial LINK adapter (non-emulation)
--HA3 dev Serial HA3 adapter
--HA4B dev Serial HA4B adapter
--HA4B dev Serial HA4B adapter
--HA5 dev Serial HA5 adapter
--HA7E dev Serial HA7E adapter
i2c devices
-d dev DS2482-x00 adapter (dev is /dev/i2c-0)

-u DS9490R or PuceBaboon adapter
-u all Scan and use all DS9490-type adapters
-d /dev/ttyUSB0 ECLO USB adapter
--altUSB Change some settings for DS9490 adapters (especially for AAG and DS2423)

Network (address is form [ip:]port, ip DNS name or n.n.n.n, port is port number)
-s address owserver
--LINK address LINK-HUB-E network LINK
--HA7NET address HA7NET busmaster
--etherweather address EtherWeather
--autoserver Find owserver using zeroconf

--fake list List of devices to simulate (random ID, random data)
use family codes in hex
e.g. 1F,10,21 for DS2409,DS18B20,DS1921

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