Command line: help=job

Many of the OWFS programs have internal help

$ /opt/owfs/bin/owserver --help=job
1-WIRE access programs by Paul H Alfille and others.

Job Control and Information Help

--error_level n Choose verbosity of error/debugging reports 0=low 9=high
--error_print n Where debug info is placed 0-mixed 1-syslog 2-console
-V --version Program and library versions

--pid_file name file to store pid number (for control scripts)

-c --configuration name
file to use as additional source of configuration

-r --readonly Don't allow writing to 1-wire devices
-w --write Allow writing to 1-wire

Development tests (owserver only)
--pingcrazy Add lots of keep-alive messages to the owserver protocol
--no_dirall DIRALL fails, drops back to older DIR (individual entries)
--no_get GET fails, drops back to DIRALL and READ
--no_persistence persistent connections refused, drops back to non-persistent

Copyright 2003 GPLv2. See for support, downloads