Embedded Data System's OW-SERVER-ENET

Ethernet 1-wire BUS master.

The OW-SERVER-ENET is a 1-wire bus master with:
  • Three powered 1-wire connections
    • The 1-wire connections are only electrically distinct. They appear a a single 1-wire bus
    • RJ-11 wiring is:
  • The primary design of the OW-SERVER-ENET is a continuously polling 1-wire sensor controller
    • Several common 1-wire chips supported including EDS's own and temperature sensors

      1-Wire Connection

      3 RJ12 Jacks


      10BASE-T Ethernet or 802.11b/WiFi
      Network Protocols HTTP, Multicast, DHCP, SNMP, TFTP
      Supported Devices
      DS18B20: Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
      DS18S20: 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
      DS2406: Dual Addressable Switch
      DS2408: 8 Channel Addressable Switch
      DS2423: 4kbit 1-Wire RAM with Counter
      DS2438: Smart Battery Monitor
      DS2450: Quad A/D Converter
      1-Wire Devices Up to 24 devices
      Supply Voltage 6.5-16V
      Supply Current 250mA
    • A Web interface is available

    • Advanced web feature allow continuous data feed within the web interface.
  • OWFS is supported using features added (for us) in the 2.11 firmware
    • EDS supplies upgrade instructions that require Windows.
    • Here are Linux instructions
    • Configuration (the port used by OWFS) in found under "1-Wire Setup" from the web interface
    • OWFS uses telnet and a specil ascii command set to send generic 1-wire commands
    • The ethernet address (IP address) of the OW-SERVER-ENET needs to be specified in the command line
    • Typical command line:
      owserver --enet= -p 4304

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