Fli4l heating system by Karl Weckler


I'm going to use owfs in a homebrew application to manage my heating system.
Also I make use of fli4l [1], a uClibc depending small isdn and so on router,
that gives me access to isdn fax- and telephon-service, vbox and monitoring.
... Yes, I live in Germany ;-)
In order to combine those activities, I compiled owfs, owhttpd and the
owshell programms, such as owserver, owdir, owread and owwrite for
fli4l, which is licensed under GNU GPL.
To give advantage about your pretty 1wire tools to the other fli4l-users, I'm
thinking about building an 1wire package for the project.

Opt_OW now is an "official" Opt of the Project "Fli4l".
More information under: http://www.fli4l.de and http://extern.fli4l.de/fli4l_opt-db3/search.pl?pid=552
Sorry, no english manual until yet, for english is not my native tongue and translation would take me more time I've got by now, even making lots of mistakes :-(.
The heating controller - 6 relais, two 220 V inputs, with DS2408 - is at scratch but not yet assembled nor tested.  
Anyway, thank you for your kindness and your "owfs" so far!

Here is an example of FLI4L in use: http://www.rockenberg.net/ow.html

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