Fake adapter


The "fake" adapter is a simulated 1-wire bus master. No actual hardware is involved, but the program will pretend there are devices of the specified family codes.

Actual data is random. 


The Fake adapter is an easy way to test if your problem is hardware or software. There are no permission issues (for access to the hardware)

The Fake adapter is also an easy way to see the format and properties of prospective  1-wire parts before delvery.

Use the closely related "Tester" adapter for test scripts -- unlike "Fake" the results are predictable. 


The command line invocation is: --fake=01,10,22,29

    this creates a "bus" with devies 01 (DS2401) 10 (DS18S20) 22 (DS1822), ...

More than one Fake adapter can be specified.

Each device has the requested family code, a random ID, and a correct CRC8 for the last byte.

Each property has random values, generally in the 0-100 range.

No cache is done.

Writing is ignored. 


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