Command line: help=program

Many of the OWFS programs have internal help pages. 

$ /opt/owfs/bin/owserver --help=program
1-WIRE access programs by Paul H Alfille and others.

Program-Specific Help

owfs (FUSE-based filesystem)
-m --mountpoint path Where to mount virtual 1-wire file system
--fuse_open_opt args Special arguments to pass to FUSE (Quoted and escaped)
--allow_other Allow other users to see owfs file system
needs /etc/fuse.conf setting

owhttpd (web server)
owserver (OWFS server)
owftpd (ftp server)
-p --port [ip:]port TCP address and port number for access
--zero Announce service via zeroconf
--announce name Name for service given in zeroconf broadcast
--nozero Don't announce service via zeroconf

owftpd (ftp server)
has default port 22 (root only)
--max_clients n Simultaneous ftp sessions

Copyright 2003 GPLv2. See for support, downloads