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ECLO USB Adapter

ECLO USB Adapter

ECLO adapterNotes: The Eclo adapter is a slick packaging of the FTDI_SIO USB/Serial converter and the DS2480B-base 1-wire bus master.

It functions similar to the serial DS9097U, except no serial port i needed.

Performance is probably poorer than the native USB DS9490R. The major advantage is

  • Design
    • Integrated ftdi_sio USB-serial converion chip
    • DS2480B serial busmaster (same as DS9097U)
  • Performance
    • Slower than native DS9490R (DS2490 based)
    • translation delays
    • DS2480B is less efficient than DS2490
    • No strong reason to prefer under OWFS except availability or backward compatibility
  • Rational
    • Some older software doesn't support USB adapter
    • Operating system masks USB aspect
  • Support
    • OWFS supports as a DS9097U
    • use device name like /dev/ttyUSB0
    • see dmesg for actual name
    • Kernel module may need patching to recognize Eclo vendor/product ID as ftdi_sio

Datasheet: Eclo

Description: Combination USB->serial adapter and serial 1-wire bus master

Name: COM to 1-Wire USB Adapter

Support: Yes

Vendor: Eclo

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