Datanab humidity sensor

Humidity sensor from Datanab, called the 1WTH_PRB_mini_RJ12.

This uses the Honeywell HIH-4000 and the DS2438 like other humidity sensors, but measures the sensor output with the current sensing pins (vis) instead of VAD.

Power is obtained from the data line.

The low-level background from DataNab.

OWFS support:
  • Under 26.nnnnnn (DS2438) directory
  • Subdirectory DATANAB will be present if the magic "HUMIDIT3" string is in page 2
  • Slope and offset calibration values will be read automatically when a humidity is requested
  • writing "1" to DATANAB/reset will reset the device and reread the calibration values
  • humidity can be read from either humudity or DATANAB/humudity

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