owfs development is now implemented by the 'git' content management system.

GIT is a program that is used to keep track of all the changes to the OWFS program code over time. It allows the world-wide development team to coordinate their work. It also allows anyone to get the most current code.

GIT is a distributed system. Anyone can download the code, make changes, and post their modified version. After review and testing, modified code will be incorporated into the main line.

It is our intention that the GIT version works, but there aren't guarantees. For routine use, get the most current release. Releases are made at stable points in the code -- after a significant bug fix, and before a new feature will be added.


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Access for developers

Typically, developers that have a persistent interest in OWFS development can get full access to post their changes and contributions.

  • Separate sub-projects (a language support module, support program) is easiest.
  • Changes to the main code is usually first as patches submitted and review. This is a relatively large codebase (>100K lines) and it takes a little time to get comfortable.
  • All commits to to CVS should be working and tested. (Separate modules may be beta-level until stable).

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