Command line: help=cache

Many of the OWFS programs have internal help.

$ /opt/owfs/bin/owserver --help=cache
1-WIRE access programs by Paul H Alfille and others.

Cache and Timing Help

--cache_size n Size in bytes of max cache memory. 0 for no limit.

Cache timing [default] (in seconds)
--timeout_volatile [ 15] Expiration time for changing data (e.g. temperature)
--timeout_stable [300] Expiration time for stable data (e.g. temperature limit)
--timout_directory [ 60] Expiration of directory lists
--timeout_presence [120] Expiration of known 1-wire device location

Communication timing [default] (in seconds)
--timeout_serial [ 5] Timeout for serial port read
--timeout_usb [ 5] Timeout for USB transaction
--timeout_network [ 1] Timeout for each network transaction
--timeout_server [ 10] Timeout for first server connection
--timeout_ftp [900] Timeout for FTP session

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