HA7Net bus master from EDS

  • Synopsis

    • The HA7Net is a stand-alone bus master.

    • An embedded web server

    • Specific support for a few 1-wire chips (specifically EDS's own sensors and the temperature sensors).

    • Support for raw byte sequences

  • Design

    • Microprocessor

    • 3 Electrically independent RJ-11 1-wire bus connectors

    • TCP communications

    • It's own discovery protocol based on UDP multicast.

  • Design limitations

    • No overdrive mode

    • Raw access (for unsupported chips) has limited length and can be overrun.

    • Fixed web output format (but nicely scrapeable).

    • Rudimentary locking and interference protection.

  • Support

  • Supported under owfs as a bus master

  • Use command line argument --ha7net= or just --ha7net for autodiscovery mode

  • Use "low-level" mode for all except device discovery (directory listing).

  • Support limitations

  • Doesn't implement the LOCK protocol. (Easy to add, but owfs already locks the bus).

  • TCP discovery mode works!!!.

  • Best use

    • Solid housing and support.

    • Easy to set up monitoring via tcp/ip wired network.

    • Native support for EDS sensors (or through OWFS).

    • Easy web access for testing -- but probably not compatible with owfs for simultaneous access).

    • Alternatives

      • LinkHubE

      • EtherWeather

      • OpenWRT or OpenSlug - based owserver with serial or USB adapter.


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