i2c DS2482-100

DS2482-100 i2c Adapter

DS2482-100 i2c Adapter

  DS2483-100 circuit
Notes: The DS2482-100 is an i2c slave and 1-wire bus master.



  • i2c is a chip-to-chip protocol developed by Phillips
    • A subset of the protocol, SMBUS is used extensively in modern PCs, for configuration of memory, audio, sensors, etc... See lm-sensors.
    • The Linux kernel has drivers for many i2c masters
    • The i2c master can be opened as a device: /dev/i2c-n where n in an integer.
    • More sophisticated address control can be specified.
    • Extensive information is available.
  • A list of available i2c masters can be seen in /sys/class/i2c-adapter
    • /dev/i2c-0 should be used on the command line (analogous to /dev/ttyS0 for serial)
    • The address of the DS2482 on that i2c bus will be auto-probed. This might cause problems with other i2c slaves on that bus.

See also the DS2482-800   -- an 8 channel version of this chip.

Note: Much of the motivation and testing of the DS2482 support are due to Jan Kandziora and Daniel Höper.

Datasheet: DS2482-100

Description: DS2482-100 i2c -> 1-wire adapter

Name: DS2482-100 1-wire adapter

Support: Full

Vendor: Dallas Maxim

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