Tester adapter


The Tester adapter is like the Fake adapter, but gives predicatable values rather than random values. This can be used to make automated tests of OWFS to check modifications.

Command line

The tester bus is invoked from the command line for owfs, owhttpd, owftpd or (most commonly) owserver.   It can also be included in the configuration file.

More than one tester bus can be used. Each bus can include more than one device (specified by family code). Other busses can be interspersed.

An example, with two tester busses and one USB:

owserver --tester=10,22,3D -u --tester=01,05,1F,11 

Numbering scheme 

Each device on the tester bus has (predicatble) properites  based on

  1. family code
  2. tester_bus number (which tester bus)
  3. device number (which device on this tester bus)
  4. index (for array properties like PIO.A)

For example, using the command line shown above, the numbering would be:

numbering scheme for owserver --tester=10,22,3D -u --tester=01,1F,11


valuefamily codetester_bus lowtester_bus highfamily code^(family code)device lowdevice highCRC8

Reading data

yes-no ( family_code + tester_bus + device + index ) is odd 
integer ( family_code + tester_bus + device + index ) 
floating point ( family_code + tester_bus + device + index ) / 10 
temperature ( family_code + tester_bus + device + index ) / 10 in °C 
temperature gap ( family_code + tester_bus + device + index ) / 10 in °C 
date March 23, 2007 
ascii device address (16 characters) repeated over and over 
binary device address (8 bytes) repeated over and over 


Writing data

How to use 

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