EtherWeather circuit

Jacob Potter <jacob at durbatuluk dot us> 
date May 5, 2007 8:51 PM 
subject [Owfs-developers] New master device: EtherWeather 

Hi folks -

I'm working on a new Ethernet-to-1-wire master device called
EtherWeather. It's designed to be simple and easy to interface with
over TCP, and also support self-initiated communication with a remote
master server over the Internet.


> Tell us more about your device. Is it microprocessor-based? Is it
> commercially available or is the design open? Does it support all 1-wire
> devices? Does it have special functions?

It started out as a school-related project, then grew into a
hobby/for-fun thing, and now I'm polishing it off to be able to sell.
The main components are an AVR microcontroller and Ethernet chip; I
wrote all the interface and application code (using the uIP TCP/IP
stack). I'm planning to keep the firmware closed, but the
communication protocols and support code will all be open.

The system listens on a TCP socket and acts as a low-level bus master
(reset/bit/byte, strong pullup, and search acceleration), so it should
be able to talk to any device supported by the code talking to it.
Besides waiting for connections from PC-side software such as OWFS, it
can also periodically connect to a remote system over the Internet to
receive commands, and I've written some code to handle that as well.

At the moment, I've built a few prototypes and am waiting for the next
round of components and boards to come in. The majority of the
software (firmware w/DHCP, bootloader, OWFS patch, and service
daemon/Web interface) is working, although not polished off yet. The
board is 2" x 3", runs off of 7-9v DC, and should cost around $50
(assembled/programmed, but without case and power supply).


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