usb DS9490R

DS9490R USB Adapter


DS9490 1-Wire Bus Master
Name DS9490R
Type USB
Vendor Dallas/Maxim
OWFS support YES
-u first USB adapter (or sole USB adapter)
-u2 second USB adapter, etc
Note, the order depends on OS handling and may not pre repeatabl
-uall All USB adapters
--USB Alternative format
Reconnect strategy Sophisticated. After several reset errors, the USB devices is closed. USB is reopened, and scanned for another DS9094R with a common sentinel  device (usually family code 81 or 01). Works very well in practice.
Overdrive YES
DS2409 branch support YES
Search acceleration YES
Technology DS2490 chip for hardware. libusb for software interface.
Notes The DS9094R is the standard USB adapter. It is functionally similar to the DS9490B and PuceBaboon.
One problem is that modern linux kernel has a module, ds9490r, that claims the device. There are several solutions:
  1. disable the module (either in udev, or just remove the module from /lib/modules/...
  2. run "rmmod ds9490r" as root before starting OWFS
  3. run OWFS as root, it will unload the module automatically

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