LCD screen controllers

1-wire can write to an LCD screen. Useful for sensor reports, embedded systems, an security feedback.


There are three designs supported by OWFS.
  • Louis SwartSwart LCD
    • PIC based
    • Family code FF
    • Supported as device LCD
    • Includes memory and 4 GPIO pins
    • Includes backlight
  • Hobby Boards
    • DS2408 based
    • Apparently no longer produced
    • Family code 29
    • Schematic 
    • Supported as 29.xxxxxxxxxxxxx/LCD_H/
    • 3 PIO pins
  • Maxim
  • AagElectronica
    • DS2408 based (optional DS2890 for contrast control)
    • Family code 29
    • Schematic AAG lcd
    • Supported as 29.xxxxxxxxxxxxx/LCD_M/
    • no pins
  • AAGelectronica

LCD Controller (HD44780 based) 

LCD screens

There is a lot of information available
Size limitted to 4x20 (4 lines, 20 characters)
Common sizes:
  • 1x16
  • 1x20
  • 2x16
  • 2x20
  • 4x16
  • 4x20
 Note that the LCD screen returns no data to the program, so the size cannot be deduced automatically.

See an example of display and code

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